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Known for having composed the music for Minecraft, his real name Daniel Rosenfeld, C418 is a German composer born May 9, 1989 in Chemnitz. Today he is 31 years old.


Also known for having remixed the credits for Stranger Things, he began in the early 2000s to compose with software such as Ableton Live, thanks to his brother.


He launched a blog by publishing his new music weekly in 2007, then became interested in the development of video games.


C418 began collaborating with Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, the real Notch! Our all god made C418 responsible for the sound effects and the music of the game. This is how his first album "Minecraft - Volume Alpha" was born, in 2011. Then, a second album "Minecraft - Volume Beta", in 2013!


It's not over, three new musics were created for version 1.13 of Minecraft (Aquatic Update), in 2018, appeared as singles.

Very active

Our dear friend Daniel, whom you all know by now, although we listened to him at the time without really knowing him, is a self-employed worker who is still very active.


He composed music for different games (not only Minecraft), especially at the time in 2008, on an independent game called "Circle" which finally never saw the light of day, but also and above all composed his own independent music outside Video games ! You can listen to his work on his website and also on his YouTube channel (all the links are a little below).


And in these many albums, we find everything: Orchestral music, background music, cinematic style soundtracks, electronics, house, "Drum'nBass", etc.


Its variety is not to be missed.

Follow C418

▶ Website : https://c418.org

▶ YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/C418

▶ Twitter : https://twitter.com/C418



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